On-premise monitoring agents private beta

April 13th, 2019

Monitoring internal networks

One of the goals we've always had for Whoops.io is to enable monitoring of internal networks as easily as it is to monitor external/public networks.

Often the most vital pieces of your infrastructure live inside your private network, behind firewalls and network policies, preventing our cloud agents from reaching them to perform any kind of uptime check. We're talking about firewalls, routers, switches, database servers, Active Directory servers, proxy servers, etc -- just about anything which exposes something over TCP or HTTP.

Starting today we can monitor these pieces of your infrastructure with launch of on-premise monitoring agents. These are applications which you install on a server somewhere inside your network, which pick up the task of performing those internal checks.

Our new on-premise agents run the same technology which has been powering our cloud agents since we first launched, so they're well battle tested and ready for use.

How to use

Update: You can now setup and install and run on-premise agents yourself! Read our guide at https://whoops.io/article/onprem-agent

As on-premise agents are still in private beta, you'll need to reach out to our support team, and we'll walk you through getting your agent installed and configured.

That said, we think it's useful for you to know what you'll be getting in to, so here's a brief summary of the setup process:

  1. Install docker: Our agent ships as a docker image, so if you aren't familiar with Docker already, you'll need a server somewhere on your network that has Docker installed and running.
  2. Get your API credentials: We'll show you how to access your API credentials from your account, which you'll need to use when running the container.
  3. Run the agent: This is a simple docker run command and you're away
  4. Setup your checks: Log in to the Whoops.io platform and configure your checks as normal. Our normal cloud agents will automatically recognise any checks which target internal/private addresses; our cloud agents will skip them, but your on-premise agent(s) will execute the check.

Join the on-premise agents private beta

Get in touch with us via hello@whoops.io if you'd like to start using on-premise agents today.